Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Alumni Spotlight Lisa Martain Hoffer



Lisa Martain Hoffer, Special Events and Corporate Membership Coordinator at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago 

What years did you work with The Dance COLEctive?  

1994 - 1995?? I'm still amazed and honored Margi asked me to be a part of her inaugural year. What was she thinking? lol. Pretty sure I said yes immediately. I had been a dance major in high school and college but 10 years post, I was past planning to perform. I wasn't even taking class regularly. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to join The Dance COLEctive of the transformative journey of that first year.  

Lisa in action!

Any favorite TDC Memories? 

Someone always had to hold my hand during crossovers because I couldn't see anything in the dark without my glasses. "Who's got Lisa??" And laughing our asses off about everything. We were all good friends before we became a company. I think that came through in our performances; our desire to make Margi proud.  



In costume in Women's Song

On Stage or Site-Specific Performance? 

I'll never forget the sounds of the train at Links Hall (Wrigleyville location). Once we went on right after another group who had used sod in their performance. We took our bows coated in dirt and grass in unusual places. The lack of air conditioning really made it stick.



What are you doing now?  

I've always worked for non-profits and/or cultural institutions which is how I met Margi. I was Assistant to the Chair at The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago where of course Margi was on staff. I'm going on 2.5 years now as the Special Events and Corporate Membership Coordinator at the Museum of Science and Industry. I squeeze in a class when the mood hits me. Though I'll confess it's not that often as the years go by. 

First Night Springfield 


Where can we find more information about you? 


Do you use any Margi-ism’s?

Sweaty coo-potch - Not for use around parents or children but sometimes your dance clothes don't breathe the way they should. 

Ginch - Every joint in my body has a ginch. Getting older is getting harder to ignore.  

Memory from Margi

Lisa really worked with the company before it was officially "the company"!  Before we did real video documentation.  Before big company photo shoots. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with her at the Dance Center.  What stands out in my memory was her genuine enthusiasm to be a part of a creative process, her outstanding sense of humor and her distinctive laugh!  Never a dull moment when Lisa was in the room.  That has continued for as long as I have known her.  I was drawn to her long beautiful limbs and quirky and unassuming movement style.  Lisa was integral in helping to establish the vibrant energy that sparked the development of The Dance COLEctive.  She has remained a true friend and fan!!

Margi and Lisa in 1995/96?!



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